In-home Dog Boarding

Your dog’s home away from home

Your dog will feel comfortable, warm, and well-exercised when they stay at our home. Medical needs? No problem. We’ve served many dogs with food allergies and medical needs.

Because we board in our home, your dog feels like they are at home. We provide whatever type of bed or kennel they need.

Backyard digging? We have that too. Walks and dog park visits? Part of our day.

No separation anxiety here.

Call or text to schedule:

Here are a few guidelines we follow to be sure that all of our boarded pets have a good experience

This list is subject to changes and additions. Feel free to ask for more clarification.

  1. New to us? Please contact us to schedule some daytime boarding sessions so we can get to know your dog.
  2. Your dog must get along with cats. (We'd be happy to refer you to another boarder if they don't.)
  3. Male dogs must be neutered. (Please ask about puppy exceptions.)
  4. If your dog is sick when it's delivered to us, you will be charged a double rate.
Great home away from home for my buddy Jack. Kind, loving, and gentle. No kennel crate, no locking up in the bathroom or utility room. Jack always appeared to feel at home with Ayn & family. I highly recommend for daytime or overnight dog sitting without any qualms.
— Ed